I started Pacific Oak to acquire and operate one company for the long run.



My approach is unique due to my focus on making a single acquisition. Upon closing, I will relocate and I will take full responsibility for the daily operations. I will commit to the company full time for 10+ years.


I offer a compelling exit opportunity for a business owner both to achieve financial liquidity and to transition out of the daily operations with a clear succession plan.




I am an engineer and former business owner. Given my approach and profile, I am able to meet the specific objectives of a business owner, as well as to sustain the long-term success of the company.


My advisors and committed investors are seasoned entrepreneurs. They allow me to close a deal quickly and to bring significant capital and expertise to the company.




I am industry agnostic and I consider companies in different fields. Ideally, the company should have a competitive advantage and a long term growth potential in a steady industry.


I am looking for a long-standing and privately held quality company generating $2M to $20M of revenue and $0.75M to $3M of earnings (adjusted EBIT).



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