My goal is to acquire and run one well-built company for the long run. Upon closing, I will be the majority owner of the company and I will personally relocate and assume full responsibility for the company. I offer a compelling exit opportunity for a business owner, both to achieve financial liquidity and to transition out of the daily operations with a clear succession plan.


My approach is unique due to my focus on making a single acquisition. I am an operator at heart and I will be fully dedicated towards the success of the company. I am a prior business owner and my goal will be to create long-term growth for the business. I will seek to maintain the integrity, culture, and reputation of the company. My goal will be to build on the legacy of the previous owner and to ensure continuity for the company, employees and customers.


Having sold my solar company in 2011, I understand that selling a company is a major event for its owner, with many financial, emotional and practical considerations. In order to provide the right succession opportunity, I am flexible and I offer personalized terms that meet the owner's individual goals. Bringing together highly experienced entrepreneur-investors and deal professionals, I am able to move quickly through the deal process. I am committed to facilitating a smooth transition process and being a good steward of the company.


Continuity and long-term growth

Excellence and sustainable growth

Long term (10 - 30 years)

All effort and attention

Retention key to long-term success

Flexible to match needs of seller

Focused on fast and efficient closing

Flexible and personalized



Maximize financial returns

Cost cutting and financial engineering

3 - 5 years

One of many portfolio investments

Probable headcount reduction

Complex and strict

Prompt, but disruptive due diligence

Owner often tied in for 2 to 5 years


Absorb operations, expertise, clients

Synergies and cost cutting


One of many corporate divisions

Likely elimination of redundant jobs

Protective of buyer

Slow centralized decision making







Approach and Goals

Value Creation

Time Horizon


Employee retention

Deal terms

Deal speed and success

Owner transition

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